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The Multi-Bandana Print Set

Sometimes the process is overnight. Sometimes the process is long with countless changes. When we design, whether it comes straight to us or we reconstruct ideas for a month - we don't stop until the end result is just as we envisioned.

Deciding The Structure

The design process for the Multi-Bandana Print Set began with workwear and function in mind. We knew we wanted to create something trendy, yet rugged, with a tactical approach. Lots of character yet clean enough to mismatch and wear with some everyday basics.

The Final Product

We decided on four different colorways. Each using unique color combinations of our custom bandana printed details.

  • Ribbed Collar

  • Reflective Logo Treatment

  • 3D Double Pockets

  • Gloss Gun Metal Zippers

  • Mesh Lining

  • Contrasting Velcro

  • Custom Bandana Patchwork

#EPTMLab #DesignProcess

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