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A Classic Reinvited. The Trio Track Pants are Back.

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C R E W N E C K ?  N A H ,  L E T S  S P I C E  I T  U P !

Sometimes you get a random urge to get creative and think out of the box. We decided this Crewneck needed a makeover. Check out what we created below!

G R A N D  C E N T R A L  V I B E S

Things are finally starting to open up! It's been a pretty crazy year. Trapped inside, losing our cool... But it's about that time to make new memories.

The Trio Track Pants are Back!

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Pink ceramic dishes in a cabinet painted pink

Burbank Cozy (View Full Set)

Took a drive to burbank just to chill out. Paisley Chenille Patch Set is extra cozy.

A Perfect Minute Trailer

P O W  W O W !  F R O M  H A W A I I  T O  T H E  W O R L D

POW! WOW! The First Decade: From Hawaiʻi to the World showcases some of the most notable Hawai‘i-based artists, international street artists, and sculptors.

This exhibit features the work of over 160 artists, with 30 artists creating new murals and installations curated by POW! WOW!

Click below to see more from the event and learn more about our collaboration!

E P T M  X  B A G S  :  C E L E B R A T I N G 

1 0  Y E A R S  I N  T H E  G A M E

In Celebration of 10 Years in the game. We wanted to do something special in collaboration with contemporary artist, BAGS. Click below to read more about this experiment and our new app!

T H E  P R O C E S S  :  M U L T I - B A N D A N A  P R I N T  S E T

Sometimes the process is overnight. Sometimes the process is long with countless changes. When we design, whether it comes straight to us or we reconstruct ideas for a month - we don't stop until the end result is just as we envisioned.

Click here to learn more about the development of our Multi Bandada Print Vest & Shorts.

EPTM Lab is where we experiment. Sharing behind-the-scenes info on classic pieces as well as unreleased concepts. Here we will connect cultural dots between lifestyle, trends, and industry. From events, interviews, and collaborations to a detailed look into our design process and inspiration. This is the Perfect Laboratory.

A R T I S T  S E R I E S  :  L A U R E N  H A N A  C H A I

T H E  E Y E  O F  T H E  T I G E R

Lauren Hana Chai is known for contrasting her traditional Korean upbringing with her modern American life and including a personal story or cultural narrative to accompany each piece. With both EPTM & Lauren Hana Chai having Korean heritage, this collaboration came about as natural as ever! Click below to learn more.

R E - I N V E N T I N G  A  C L A S S I C

Re-making a classic is always difficult. Maintaining the classic nature of what has previously been a fan favorite, whilst searching for dope accents and details that will add a new spark. With these Nylon Track Pants, we have managed to do just that.

Click here to learn more about our Nylon Track Pants

E P T M  X  D A V E  E A S T :

T H E  D O P E  B O Y  C A R G O S

EPTM & Dave East are back with their 2nd collaboration.

Introducing, The Dope Boy Cargos. Click below to learn more about this venture and latest news!

A R T I S T  S E R I E S  :  M R . 4 4

L O S  A N G E L E S  T O  N E W  Y O R K

MR44 is an accomplished Los Angeles-based artist, designer, and illustrator, with deep roots in West Coast graffiti, streetwear, art, and increasingly, commissioned murals. We are honored to be able to collaborate and create a bridge between our west coast roots and our large consumer base on the east coast. Click below to see all of the fresh creations we have made together so far!

T H E   G O P A C H I   C A P S U L E

The Gopachi Collection – Now Available!

Take a closer look into our latest collection and learn about the history behind these pieces!

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